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Norm & Lenore

Chocolate Coated Butter Crisp 6 Pack

Chocolate Coated Butter Crisp 6 Pack

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Our Butter Crisp is a delicious and crunchy treat that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. We start by using the finest ingredients, including fresh butter, peanuts and sugar, to create a rich and buttery toffee that is then coated in a layer of decadent chocolate.

The toffee is made in small batches to ensure that each piece is of the highest quality. We take great care in the cooking process to ensure that the toffee is crisp and perfectly golden brown. The combination of sweet and buttery toffee and rich chocolate creates a truly indulgent experience that is hard to resist.

Our Butter Crisp is perfect for sharing with friends and family, or as a special treat for yourself. It's great for any occasion, from a simple snack to a holiday gift.

We take pride in our homemade toffee and ensure that every batch is made with care and attention to detail. You'll taste the difference in every bite of our Butter Crisp.

Weight: .65lbs

Weight: .20lbs

Size: 6" x 2"

Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Palm Kernel Oil and Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil), Corn Syrup, Butter, Cocoa Powder, Nonfat Dry Milk Solids, Whole Milk Solids, Whey Powder, Peanuts, Baking Soda, Soy Lecithin (an emulsifier), Salt, and Artificial Flavour.


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