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Norm & Lenore

Holiday Box Gift Basket

Holiday Box Gift Basket

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Introducing our "Festive Holiday Chocolate Delights Gift Basket" – a luxurious treasure trove of delectable treats that encapsulate the joy and indulgence of the holiday season. This carefully curated gift basket is a celebration of flavors, textures, and the artistry of chocolate, designed to delight and enchant those who receive it.

Nestled within a beautifully adorned holiday box, this gift basket is a visual delight even before it's opened. Inside, you'll discover an array of delectable treats that promise to elevate your festive celebrations:

  1. Caramel Corn: A symphony of sweet and salty, our caramel corn is a timeless classic that's been perfected for the season. Each bite is an enchanting blend of buttery caramel and satisfying crunch.

  2. Chocolate Covered Pretzels: The delightful contrast of creamy chocolate and crispy pretzels creates a harmonious fusion that's both indulgent and addictive.

  3. Chocolate Coated Cranberries: Experience tangy cranberries enveloped in smooth chocolate, creating a sensation that's as refreshing as it is satisfying.

  4. Chocolate Snowman: Our whimsical chocolate snowman is not just an adorable treat but a work of art that captures the magic of winter in delicious form.

  5. Chocolate Peanuts: A timeless favorite, chocolate-coated peanuts offer the perfect balance of nutty goodness and velvety chocolate.

  6. Chocolate Malt Balls: Indulge in the unique texture and flavor of malt balls enrobed in rich chocolate, offering a delightful melt-in-your-mouth experience.

  7. Chocolate Meltaways: These meltaways are a testament to the exquisite quality of chocolate, creating a sensation of pure indulgence with every bite.

Our "Festive Holiday Chocolate Delights Gift Basket" isn't just a collection of treats; it's a gesture of warmth, thoughtfulness, and the joy that comes from sharing special moments with loved ones. Whether you're presenting it as a gracious gift or using it to adorn your own festivities, this gift basket is sure to create lasting memories and moments of pure delight.


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