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Norm & Lenore

Christmas Snack Mix

Christmas Snack Mix

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Introducing our delightful Christmas Snack Mix – a merry medley of flavors and textures that captures the spirit of the season in every bite. Crafted with care, this irresistible snack mix combines the classic goodness of Chex cereal, pretzels, caramel popcorn, and peanuts, all elegantly coated in a luscious layer of velvety white chocolate.

Evoke the joy of the holidays as you savor the satisfying crunch of each element, harmoniously mingling to create a symphony of tastes. The Chex cereal and pretzels provide the perfect balance of crispy and salty, while the caramel popcorn adds a touch of sweetness that's as warm as a cozy fireplace. Roasted peanuts contribute a hearty nuttiness, enhancing the overall richness of the mix.

But that's not all – we take this holiday treat to the next level by adorning it with vibrant red and green M&M's, like festive ornaments scattered throughout. These colorful chocolates add a burst of color and an extra layer of indulgence to the mix. To complete this masterpiece, we drizzle the snack mix with ribbons of red and green chocolate, transforming each handful into a work of art that's almost too beautiful to eat.

Our Christmas Snack Mix isn't just a snack – it's an experience that brings people together, whether you're enjoying it by the fireside with loved ones, gifting it in charming packages to spread holiday cheer, or setting it out at gatherings to create an edible centerpiece that sparks conversations and creates lasting memories.

Embrace the spirit of the season with every handful of this enchanting snack mix. Whether you're treating yourself or delighting others, our creation promises to be a highlight of this year's holiday festivities – a true embodiment of joy, flavor, and togetherness.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Popcorn, Whole Grain Rice, Hydroginated Vegetable Oils, Peanuts, Cocoa Solids, Milk Solids, Butter, Baking Soda, Malte Extract, Yeast, Salt, Molasses, Lactose, Starch, Shea fat, gum arabic, Dextrin, Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Natural and Artificial Colours & Flavouring, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin E.


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